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Vitamin bomb with a lovely scent - why is almond oil good for the skin?

Why is almond oil good for the skin? – What does almond oil do to the skin?

The soft pink blossoms of the almond tree are the first heralds of spring at the end of January

After the dark winter months, they herald the beginning of a new season. But the super fruit not only heralds spring, the almond can do a lot more. Whether in nutrition, health or beauty care, the almond has been valued and used in many countries for centuries.
More and more attention is now being paid to almond oil in particular. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, almond oil nourishes the skin like no other oil . Dry skin benefits from the oil's healthy fats and acids. Almond oil supplies even the driest skin with moisture and optimally nourishes it.
We have taken a closer look at the almond and its benefits and present its special oil.
Why is almond oil good for the skin? – What vitamins does almond oil have?

What exactly is almond oil?

Almonds are the fruit of the almond tree. Although often mistaken for nuts, almonds are actually fruits that have more in common with peaches than, say, walnuts.
Almonds can be processed in many ways. With almond flour, almond milk or almond oil. They are also suitable for pure consumption.
Almond oil is wonderful for cooking and as a dietary supplement, but is also beneficial for the skin and hair .
The oil contained in almonds is extracted in two possible ways. Cold pressed or by using heat in a chemical process. Either unrefined or refined almond oil is obtained.
Why Almond Oil is Good for Skin - Refined vs. Unrefined Almond Oil

Refined vs. unrefined almond oil

will Cold-pressed almond oil produces unrefined almond oil . Raw almonds are pressed and dried without chemical aids extracting the oil naturally . This has the advantage that significantly more nutrients stay included.

Warm-pressed almond oil is obtained through heat and chemical aids . As a result, refined almond oil can withstand significantly higher temperatures and is longer lasting . Also, refined almond oil is usually cheaper than unrefined.

However, unrefined oil is better for the skin, as the nutrients that are important and healthy for the skin are preserved much better.

Why is almond oil good for the skin? – What does almond oil do to the skin?</

Why is almond oil good for the skin?

Almond oil has been used for centuries to prevent the skin from aging. But skin diseases are also treated with almond oil. In traditional Chinese medicine, almond oil was and is used, among other things, to cure eczema.

Dry and very dry skin is moisturized again by the rich oil . Something that other oils and conventional creams often fail to do.

In addition, it has Almond oil has an antibacterial effect . Despite its richness, it can therefore also be used to treat acne. This benefits people with strong combination skin, whose skin reacts to aggressive anti-acne products with irritation and dehydration.

Why is almond oil so good for the skin - Almond oil for wrinkles

What does almond oil do to the skin?

The richly contained vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and thus the Aging process and the formation of wrinkles slows down .

Dry lines that many of us suffer from disappear completely with regular use thanks to the healthy fatty acids in almond oil the skin with maximum moisture becomes.

The antibacterial effect, which is also due to vitamin E, among other things, reduces inflammation and evens out the complexion. Inflammation and redness disappear . The complexion becomes more even and begins to radiate naturally .

The oil's delicate marzipan scent makes the application a sensory experience that goes beyond the skin benefits. The almond aroma lifts the mood and is therefore also suitable for soul care.

What vitamins does almond oil have?

Almond oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E. Vitamin E is already in our cell walls and keeps the skin young. However, over the years, our skin loses vitamin E. The skin's natural protection decreases and it begins to age. Vitamin E must therefore be supplied to the skin from the outside and inside. Almond oil can do both. but why is almond oil good for the skin? Just because of the vitamin E? no In addition to vitamin E, there are numerous other vitamins in it.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is best known for improving eyesight. Few people know that the skin also benefits from beta carotene. Vitamin A has a positive effect on cell renewal and keeps the skin healthy, wrinkle-free and fresh .

Together with vitamin E, vitamin A forms a power duo against the aging process of the skin and can even reduce deep wrinkles and tighten the skin again .

Vitamin D

Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, especially in central and northern European countries. And that has negative consequences. Vitamin D is considered the happiness hormone and is of central importance for our physical health and our mental well-being .

So it's no surprise that vitamin D also has a positive effect on the skin. The vitamin is normally absorbed through the skin through exposure to the sun. But also the use and intake of almond oil can increase the vitamin D level in the body .

This not only ensures a healthy complexion, but also a strengthened cardiovascular system, healthy hair and mental balance.

linoleic acid

linoleic acid is certainly a term known to many who deal with beauty and skin health. Linoleic acid is often and willingly used in cosmetic products because it increases the moisture levels of the skin and also ensures that the skin can retain moisture for longer .

In addition, the Skin more resistant to infection and inflammation . Stressed skin that is already suffering from inflammation can be healed by linoleic acid.

Almond oil contains around 19% natural linoleic acid . A high concentration that has a very positive effect on skin health after a short time.

Why is almond oil so good for the skin? – Almond oil experiences

This is how almond oil is used

Contains many Flintstone Essentials products almond oil . For example the body cream can be applied in the morning or evening after the shower.

If you want to use pure almond oil, note the following:

  • Before the oil is applied, the Facial skin to be makeup free. The oil only unfolds its full effect if the skin is free of impurities.
  • How often and when the oil is used is a matter of taste , but it depends in particular on the conditions of your skin.
  • Since the oil is rich, people whose skin is not extremely dry should use it Apply oil only overnight . The oil is also wonderful as an occasional night cure when the skin is dry and stressed, as is often the case in the cold winter months the case is.
  • Skin tightened by heated air and cold can be tightened by occasional Almond oil cures easily overnight recover from the hardships.
  • The body also benefits from this unique oil. It is best to massage in the almond oil using circular movements . This is not only soothing and relaxing, but also promotes blood circulation and helps against cellulite.

So – why is almond oil good for the skin? It contains valuable vitamins for the skin and cares for the skin in a unique way.

Almond Oil is a holistic and natural experience, beneficial for the skin, body, mind and spirit. Other Feuerstein Essentials products with precious almond oil:

Discover the power of almond oil for you and your loved ones today.
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