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Natural Skin Care: Why Are Natural Products Better for the Skin and the Environment?

Natural skin care

Eternal beauty, a rosy glowing skin - the dream of all women and men, regardless of age, origin and personality! Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? For real? Does our skin have to suffer from artificial ingredients that do more harm than good? The comforting answer to this question is: No! Natural skin care is becoming more and more important for both women and men and with good reason.

More and more manufacturers rely on gentle skin care products, including the Feuerstein Essential series. It is our aim to offer you natural cosmetics , but not to do without sensible ingredients because of specifications and guidelines.

For decades, people have used cosmetics that were primarily developed with a scientific aspect in mind. In laboratories, resourceful researchers worked out which components have which effect on the skin. However, the long-term effects have often been neglected. But even if natural skin care is playing an increasingly important role, not all scientific aspects are bad.

That's why Feuerstein-Essentials aims to provide you with natural skin care that uses the best ingredients from all areas. Combining science and naturalness, we believe this is the best way to keep your skin glowing and beautiful into old age.

Natural skin care inspires confidence

Many people want to get away from the chemical monotony and start towards a green future. A blessing for our skin, because it is exposed to countless stresses every day. When was the last time you thought about what the roughly two square meters of skin on your body has to endure? Let's take your facial skin as a good example.

Many women burden the sensitive skin of the face with make-up, sun exposure, cosmetic products, fragrances and much more on a daily basis. Statistically, there are around 500 different chemicals that facial skin is exposed to every day. The environmental conditions are not included here. Think of the biting cold of winter that strains and dries out the skin. Or the scorching heat of summer, the blazing sun at midday. Your skin is a marvel of nature and it clearly deserves more attention.

Natural skin care starts in this area and wants to give the skin back what it really needs. It's not about rigorously avoiding certain ingredients and thereby expecting the skin to be of poorer cosmetic quality. High-quality natural skin care focuses on optimizing the ingredients while protecting the environment at the same time. Sometimes environmental protection can also mean protecting natural resources and resorting to alternatives from the laboratory. Some of our ingredients are 'natural' by definition, others are not. We prefer to incorporate high quality, scientifically validated and skin-friendly ingredients into our products, sourced from a selection of reputable sources, to perform specific functions.

There are numerous reasons for natural ingredients and natural beauty

Many cosmetic lines chase trends. Trends that reach young people, that are used, that spread like wildfire. The newest lip liner, the newest care line, the advertisement suggests the "must haves" of the season. With growing maturity, many women (and men too) start to rethink. The ingredients and manufacturing conditions of the products that have hitherto been used thoughtlessly are being questioned.

What follows is often a radical cut and all synthetic ingredients are rigorously banned. Regardless of their effectiveness, only natural cosmetics are used in this phase of change, which do not contain any artificial ingredients. The care effect? Astonishingly often low, the conversion is only slightly worthwhile. But why is that?

Feuerstein Essentials_Body Cream

In order to use natural skin care sensibly, it is important that you recognize and understand the needs of your skin. This starts with identifying your skin type, because your skin has very different requirements depending on the type. In the best case, natural skin care does not do without scientifically validated and skin-friendly ingredients, but rather combines the ingredients that are optimal for your skin and increasingly relies on the power of nature.

The high-quality natural skin care from Feuerstein Essentials relies on various natural products. Sweet almond oil, broccoli seed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, carrot root extract, and calendula are commonly used. The soothing lemon balm , cleansing peppermint extracts and lady 's mantle , which promotes blood circulation , also have a high care effect .

Calendula oil

But at this point it should be emphasized again that the right natural skin care should always be chosen according to the skin type . Many ingredients are suitable for all skin types, but special substances, such as the soothing lemon balm, are ideal for irritated and sensitive skin. Before each application, you should check whether your skin tolerates the natural skin care products or whether it is sensitive. Due to the high-quality and carefully selected ingredients, there is a high level of tolerability and you can see the positive effects after a short time.

When switching to natural skin care, remember that it is only one part of healthy skin. Your lifestyle also plays a major role. Whether it's alcohol, intense sunbathing, nicotine consumption or unhealthy food - all these vices have a negative impact on the complexion. When you adapt your entire lifestyle to opting for natural skin care, your skin will transform into a radiant mirror of your soul.

The different skin types

Normal skin : It is fresh, rosy, fine-pored, not very sensitive and only slightly oily in the T-zone.

Dry skin : It has fine pores and is low in fat and moisture. Wrinkles form early, the skin is generally pale and the skin often feels tight.

Sensitive/sensitive skin : Mottled, very thin and often red. The nose and cheek area are often slightly scaly, cosmetics quickly lead to itching.

Combination skin : It has imperfections in the T-zone, has large pores and quickly becomes greasy. However, the cheek area is dry with combination skin.

Impure skin : It shows large pores and quickly becomes greasy. This skin type is prone to breakouts.

Mature skin : it presents with increased dryness, cheeks and nose are often reddish. Pigment spots appear, elasticity decreases.

Shop carefully and naturally with a clear conscience

If you have decided on natural skin care and want to buy natural , we recommend that you do your research. When you choose a product, you make a decision for yourself and for your skin. The criteria below can help you make the right choice from the start.

  • We combine the best of human ingenuity with the natural world to create our exceptional products. However, it avoids harmful ingredients that stress your skin and can lead to a deterioration of the complexion over the years. These include mineral oils, microplastics, phthalates and also parabens. All these ingredients are state of the art in numerous cosmetic lines, but natural skin care does not use them.
  • Place value on the regional origin of your natural skin care. The production of the Swiss cosmetics Feuerstein Essentials relies on the local origin of the ingredients . Whenever possible, we buy our ingredients “around the corner” and, for the sake of the environment and quality, avoid long transport routes and products of unclear origin. This allows us to keep additives and preservatives as low as possible.
  • Nourish your skin with the natural active ingredients it needs for self-support. Well-nourished skin can withstand many adversities. Sun or wind, dryness or make-up: your skin fights against the circumstances of the day and natural skin care helps you to support your skin. Imagine a thirsty horse in the desert. If you give him enough to drink, he will survive the hike in the heat better and without damage. The brave horse is your skin, which protects itself against hardships with valuable natural ingredients.

When natural products speak for people and the environment

Our natural skin care by Feuerstein Essentials was created with all aspects of nature in mind. We do not only rely on natural ingredients and neglect the effectiveness. We are convinced that a symbiosis of scientific knowledge, natural care products and regional production means the best natural skin care for your skin.

We use the power of nature to give your skin all the ingredients it needs for a healthy glow. But we also rely on animal-free production , resource protection and the support of our regional growers. For her! For the planet! For a radiant and shiny future for your skin!

Do you already know ours natural body care products ? Whether for women or men, whether Body lotion or Face Cream , our products are rich in high quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, pentavitin and much more. Pamper yourself and your skin with the power of nature and the good feeling of doing the best for yourself and the environment.

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