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Changeover to natural deodorant – simply to deodorant without aluminium

Switch to natural deodorant - good deodorant without animal testing

Natural cosmetics are trendy. More and more people are doing without care products with chemical ingredients. But what has long been accepted and arrived in skin care does not yet fully apply to deodorants.

Many of us still find it difficult to switch from our usual products to natural cosmetics. Many dare Switch to natural deodorant not for now.

The reasons are varied, but two concerns stand out in particular: concerns about poor hygiene and fear of body odor.

With a natural deodorant, the manufacturers do without aluminum, which is almost always present in large quantities in conventional deodorants.

The aluminum prevents sweating and the associated unpleasant odor, but it can be harmful to your health.

As the Switching to natural deodorant works without any problems , what needs to be considered and the best tips and tricks for switching to natural products are revealed here.

Switching to natural deodorant - why deodorant without aluminum?

Why deodorant without aluminum?

Aluminum in deodorant prevents perspiration. But that has its price. The aluminum causes the pores to contract and the sweat glands to close. Sweat naturally escapes much less, but it still exists Danger of permanently clogging the pores .

In addition, the skin absorbs the aluminum without being able to excrete it afterwards.

The aluminum, which is a toxic substance for us humans, remains in the body. Although in small amounts, even small amounts of aluminum can cause damage in the long run.

Other toxins are also no longer easily removed through the clogged sweat glands. This also damages health in the long run.

Sweating is one of the body's natural forms of regulation and self-cleansing . Glued sweat glands impede this important process.

Natural deodorants do not prevent the natural formation of sweat, but start with the formation of odours.

Natural active ingredients prevent the unpleasant smell of sweat without introducing toxins into the body or preventing the sweat glands from doing their work .

Another plus of natural deodorants: Natural deodorants are environmentally friendly , which cannot be said of products containing aluminum.

Even during production, most producers of natural deodorants on Sustainability and environmental protection . It starts with the packaging - many also do without plastic.

Often that comes Deodorant in a glass bottle or alternative packaging.

Switching to natural deodorant - why a deodorant without aluminum?

How works Deodorant without aluminium and is it effective?

Instead of blocking the sweat glands, natural deodorants focus on avoiding unpleasant odours.

Yet how exactly does deodorant without aluminum work?

There are two ways to do this with a natural deodorant.

For one, he will The smell of sweat is covered by the natural and fresh smell of the natural deodorant , on the other hand Aluminum-free deodorants contain antibacterial ingredients that fight bacteria and neutralize odor .

Because sweat only smells unpleasant because numerous bacteria form when you sweat. If there is no bacteria formation, sweat no longer smells.

In many Deodorants that do not use aluminum have a combination of both. Antibacterial agents that prevent the formation of odors work together natural ingredients that neutralize lingering odors and cover with a fresh scent.

Popular are ingredients from citrus fruits, which have both an antibacterial effect and a pleasant, fresh smell, which is what we want for our personal hygiene.

Natural deodorant is used like conventional ones deodorant After washing or showering, the deodorant is applied to the armpits. Depending on the product, the effect lasts about 12 to 48 hours.

Both deodorant sticks and sprays are available. Unlike chemical deodorants with aluminum, they come natural deodorant sprays but mostly in high quality and eco-friendly packaging such as glass bottles .

Switch to natural deodorant - natural deodorant without aluminum

How easy is that Switch to natural deodorant?

Switching to a natural deodorant from a deodorant with aluminum works for most people without much preparation or adjustment , since most natural deodorants are on a par with classic deodorants in terms of protection and odor prevention.

In general, the following also applies: The higher the quality of the natural deodorant and its ingredients, the better the transition will be .

We have one for beginners natural deodorant on offer that does not require a transition phase at all.

After the first application, users feel protected from odors, just like their traditional deodorant. A customer reports:

"The previous skepticism subsided after the first application. On pleasant scent and the fine spray gave me security all day long . And the whole thing without aluminum... top product."

A good deodorant without animal testing so - and without aluminium, zinc and parabens .

One thing makes it possible Composition of antibacterial herbal ingredients and lemon verbena essential oil.

Switch to natural deodorant without animal testing - deodorant without aluminum

Natural deodorant - Good deodorant without animal testing

Unfortunately, animal testing is still widespread when it comes to chemical cosmetic products. Anyone who refrains from products that have been tested on animals is not only doing something good for themselves, but is also protecting other living beings at the same time.

In most cases, manufacturers of natural deodorants do not test on animals.

Because the products are less aggressive and contain little or no chemical ingredients, safety can be guaranteed without harming animals in advance .

Turning away from outdated practices of the cosmetics industry is also a holistic philosophy. Nature, animals and people should be protected and not burdened .

Feuerstein Essentials embodies this philosophy: Only local ingredients are used for Feuerstein Essentials products, eg Swiss alpine herbs.

The result: a good deodorant without animal testing .

More tips for better hygiene and a safe feeling of hygiene:

  1. Try, ban harsh soaps and shower gels from their hygiene routine. While the effect may seem positive at first glance, chemical products attack the skin's protective acid mantle. Odor formation, not only in the armpit area, is favored in the long term.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water daily or Tea with a dash of lemon. This cleanses the body from the inside and provides a boost of vitamin C. However, use the lemon sparingly so that the stomach does not become acidic.
  3. on Sports should not do without natural deodorant even after changing to natural deodorant, on the contrary. When the body is unhindered other than usual (with aluminum deodorant). sweat out pollutants can, it has a cleansing effect and is good for you.

Not as difficult as one might think: the easy one Switch to natural deodorant without aluminum.

Try it now.

About Feuerstein Essentials Switzerland:

We want to help people to increase their well-being, to promote their inner peace, to gain new strength, to be connected to themselves and to go their way with satisfaction and self-confidence - wherever it leads.

Balanced people find their way, they find meaning. Our products support you with their discreet design and soothing fragrances - they are small suggestions to listen to yourself again.

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