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Inner restlessness before falling asleep - what helps?

Inner restlessness before falling asleep - I cannot fall asleep

Do you know that too? A strenuous day lies behind you and you fall into bed exhausted. You want nothing more than to just fall asleep and give your body the rest it deserves? But as soon as you lie down and close your eyes , you become restless and cannot fall asleep.

You are not alone with this problem. Many people complain about an inner restlessness before falling asleep .

For some, it's just a feeling of uneasiness that keeps them from sleeping, for others, it's a thousand thoughts racing through their heads at the same time. You are constantly energized and finding relaxation even in the evening seems an impossible task.

This often leads to frustration and irritability - not only in the evening but also throughout the day. Because lack of sleep or problems falling asleep make itself felt.

The good news: There are solutions to get rid of this inner restlessness before falling asleep – even without strong sleeping pills.

Do you suffer from stress?

"Help, I can't sleep!" – Stress is a ubiquitous problem of our time. According to a 2018 survey of workers, 87% suffer from stress . The main reasons for this were time pressure, emotional circumstances and overtime. At the same time, digitization also increases the feeling of stress. In 2019, 70% of those surveyed stated that they could also be reached by their boss on vacation .

But the stress level is not only increasing at work. Due to the fact that we can be reached at all times, we increasingly feel under pressure in our private lives too.

We send messages and expect a direct answer from the other. The various social media channels give many people the impression that they need to become “better” and “more successful”. The constant comparison creates latent stress.

At the same time we have less and less time and we feel we have to do more and more things. We have the feeling that we are no longer in control of the situation. This “fear” of losing control also creates tension that we cannot relieve.

What is stress and why is it a cause of anxiety before falling asleep?

Stress is our body's reaction to an external threat. This inner process dates back to the Stone Age, when danger and fear meant we had to fight - or flee quickly. Your body needs energy in your arms and legs to be able to react quickly. At the same time, the senses are sharpened to recognize possible dangers. Your body is on alert. The result: you toss and turn in bed; sleep is out of the question.

From an evolutionary point of view, our organism was overwhelmed by industrialization and digitization and is very slowly adapting to our new living conditions: Our inner stress reaction is still exactly the same as it was thousands of years ago. Whether a saber-toothed tiger bares its teeth in front of us or whether we are simply under pressure at work - the brain reacts in exactly the same way: with alertness. So your body waits for the saber-toothed tiger and your mind plans the next day just to stay in control.

Inner restlessness before falling asleep – How to find relaxation

Inner restlessness before falling asleep – sleep rituals

Other causes of inner restlessness before falling asleep

Even though stress is the main reason for trouble falling asleep, there are other causes that keep you from sleeping. If you watch TV right before you go to bed or use your smartphone a lot, this can also disturb your desire to sleep.

This is because your sleep rhythm is influenced by 2 hormones, among other things. The body makes serotonin to stay awake and melatonin to sleep. The production depends on the lighting conditions. If it is light the body produces serotonin, if it is dark melatonin.

The high blue content in screens inhibits the production of melatonin. This keeps your body awake. The result is anxiety because you want to sleep but your body isn't getting the signals.

Knowing how - this is how the inner restlessness disappears before falling asleep

Every person is different and therefore there are different ways to solve the anxiety.

Inner restlessness before falling asleep – find relaxationInner restlessness before falling asleep – find peaceInner restlessness before falling asleep – How to relieve tensionInner restlessness before falling asleep - How to get rid of inner restlessness

#1 The right sleeping environment

Use your cell phone's blue filter or put it aside at least 1 hour before bed. The same goes for your laptop, tablet or TV. This gives your body a chance to produce melatonin so your body is ready for sleep.

#2 relaxation methods before bed

Develop a sleep ritual. This way your body can slowly adjust to the fact that it is soon time to sleep. Keeping the same routine over and over will calm you down and your mind will automatically see the day as over. Listen to slow and soft music, do yoga or autogenic training.

#3 Herbal Sleep Aids

Herbal sleeping pills can also help to relieve the inner restlessness before falling asleep . The active ingredients in lemon balm and valerian roots, for example, have a relaxing and anticonvulsant effect, so that tension is reduced.

The ingredients of the passion flower not only have an antispasmodic effect and reduce stress and restlessness, but also help to lower blood pressure. In this way, the mind can calm down more quickly and the merry-go-round of thoughts comes to a standstill. The inner restlessness dissolves.

#4 Fragrances

A special insider tip are fragrances. Similar to tea, the essential oils of medicinal plants also have a calming effect on our mind and thoughts when inhaled. In contrast to all other sensory impressions, smells have a decisive advantage.

Normally, all sensory impressions are passed through a filter in the brain that decides what is important to us and what is not. For example, you see red cars everywhere when you are thinking about buying one yourself. The same phenomenon happens at a party. You find it difficult to understand the person you are talking to because it is very loud. However, if someone across the room says your name, you will hear it immediately. You see and hear far more than you realize because your brain only lets through the important information.

This is a protective mechanism of the brain that protects it from overstimulation.

The situation is different with odors: These are not passed through the filter, but are immediately and consciously perceived. This gives you the advantage that the essential oils can work unhindered and you can calm down more quickly.

Discover our now Assortment of relaxing fragrances for the bedroom.

#5 Exercise: Relieve tension and find relaxation

It is important that you reduce your stress level. Exercising can help you get rid of excess energy and anxiety . You don't have to run a marathon for this. A short bout or a 20-minute workout is enough to switch off your thoughts and calm down.

sleep is important. You give your body the opportunity to regenerate, repair cells and recharge your batteries. Only in this way is it permanently able to support you in your active and intensive life.

Relax from time and time and take a moment to breathe deeply. You have earned it.

Here you will find relaxing fragrances for space and soul.

What helps you fall asleep? Share it with us in the comments.

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