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Spring cleaning for the skin

Every year the spirit awakens to new life when winter slowly departs. In nature, it is the crocuses that stick their noses out of the ground and catch the first rays of the sun. With us humans, on the other hand, the skin breathes slowly. Gone are the days of biting cold and heavy strain on skin and hair. Spring cleaning makes it even easier for the body's largest organ to compete with the sun in spring.

Find the right care program for your skin type

Normal skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin - every skin type has different needs and should be cared for accordingly. Nature has arranged it in such a way that our body or our skin is completely renewed once every 28 days. This process can be supported by supporting the complete makeover with the right care products .

But what is the right skin care for normal skin? What to do against oily skin? What helps against dandruff and how do I properly care for my lips? Questions upon questions that can often be answered with natural products.

Before you decide on a care product, it is important to know what your skin needs. Do you suffer from scaly, dry facial skin after the long winter? Appropriate skin care, with important and soothing nutrients, can help clarify the complexion and provide a fresh, fun-loving touch.

Oily skin , on the other hand, has different needs. It benefits most from care products that curb excess sebum production and allow the skin to breathe. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera soothe and at the same time release important nutrients.

Even if normal skin is the ideal picture, this skin type cannot do without care. Whether revitalizing products or those that maintain the skin's elasticity and resilience - care is also possible for this skin type.

An important part of skin care are peelings . They have the advantage that they support the all -round renewal of the skin and gently remove dead skin cells. The good news is that you can make your own scrubs too.

Make your own peeling – the right recipes

There are classic scrub recipes that you can easily make yourself at home. Here are three simple recipes.

The Sugar Scrub:

The sugar scrub is one of the easiest at-home scrubs to do. All you need is white sugar and oil in a 1:1 ratio. If you want to gently nourish and moisturize your skin, use more oil than sugar.

For dry and sensitive skin, apply once a month. If you have oily skin, you can use the peeling twice a week. Normal skin is happy with a sugar scrub once a week.

Coffee scrub for dry skin types:

For dry skin, you can create a nourishing paste with a mixture of coconut oil and about five tablespoons of brewed coffee powder. Massage this mixture into your damp skin immediately after the shower and leave it on for a few minutes. The scrub is then rinsed off with water. The caffeine in coffee ensures drainage, stimulates blood circulation and thus tightens the skin.

Chamomile healing earth peeling for blemishes:

Oily skin and impure skin benefit from a peeling mixture of healing earth and warm chamomile tea. After making the mass from a cup of chamomile tea and 5 tablespoons of healing earth, spread the mixture on your face. Now let the healing earth work for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. It is important that you then apply a moisturizing skin cream.

But Feuerstein Essentials also offers you a high-quality peeling for body and face, which optimally supports you in the spring cleaning of your skin. The fine particles that remove superficial skin cells and increase blood circulation consist of apricot kernels and bamboo. Thanks to the sweet almond oil, the skin is naturally cared for and regains healthy moisture.

Peeling is not only important for the face

Not only your face is happy about the spring cleaning, also the body, hair and lips need care and a nudge in the right direction after a long winter period. A gentle care program consists of several components and ensures that you shine completely renewed in full beauty.

Scalp and hair have also suffered greatly during the winter period. Wearing hats, the heat of the hair dryer and heavy use of hairspray often cause dandruff, the hair dries out and the hairstyle is no longer attractive. The hairdresser provides first aid by cutting off the broken ends, which are often plagued by split ends.

But then the intensive cleaning comes into play, which you can carry out in your own four walls. Your hair will also be happy about a relaxing exfoliation, at the same time the scalp will be better supplied with blood. If you tend to have oily hair roots, hair scrubs can normalize sebum production again.

Care for your lips

With the Face Scrub, the facial skin is treated to a soothing wellness treatment. The lips, on the other hand, are often left out. But the gentle, soft lips also suffer from the cold season. They often become cracked and brittle, so that suitable lip care is essential for the complete renewal of your body. The sugar peeling is wonderfully suited for the care of your lips, alternatively you can also mix honey with sugar. With a valuable intensive care you ensure that the fat barrier of your lips is in harmony again and you can still kiss tenderly tomorrow.

Body care from hairline to foot care

A thorough body scrub not only ensures that you feel comfortable in your own skin again, but also that the gray haze of winter disappears. Long pants can finally be banished to the closet again, but smooth, delicate knees, legs and arms are desirable.

High-quality body scrubs from the Feuerstein Essential cosmetics range contain all the valuable ingredients you need for the perfect skin look on your body. Declare war on old skin cells and care for your skin with the best products that nature has created in symbiosis with science.

Don't forget your feet with this care. They carry us through life day after day, so they too deserve a little care. Treat yourself to an invigorating foot bath with a nourishing bath salt. If you suffer from dry skin, you can revitalize the water with a little milk or cream. The heels are then freed from calluses and scales with a body or foot peeling. Clean your toenails and then massage the soles of your life with a moisturizing cream. Because soon the time will come when your feet can be presented again in sandals and fine straps.

Suitable for spring and summer

Spring is the season of mildness, but shortly after that summer is already waiting. Spring cleaning your skin isn't just about mitigating the effects of winter. At the same time, it is a preparation for the summer, which can also be very exhausting for our skin. Intense heat, sweating and sunburn put a strain on the largest organ in our body. Well-nourished and well-groomed skin can deal with the stresses of the weather much better than skin that has been neglected.

Our Flint Essential line contains the right care product for every need and is able to support you and your skin with spring cleaning. Rely on our expertise and our quality. For yourself, for your skin, for your radiant appearance.

About Feuerstein Essentials:

We offer people the framework to escape the stress of everyday life for a moment. The scents of our natural feel-good products will take you on a journey of the senses into the mountains of the Engadin - tart alpine herbs, babbling brooks, buzzing bees. The goal of the journey takes them to their inner haven of peace, from which they draw strength. With renewed strength, they want to give something back. That is why we only produce sustainably in Switzerland in order to preserve nature suitable for grandchildren.

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