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What does clean beauty mean

Clean beauty - a trend that is increasingly becoming a statement and also plays a major role at Feuerstein! Safe for the skin, responsible towards our environment. As pioneers of this new movement, it is important to us to educate our customers and explain what we mean by clean beauty!

What is clean beauty?

Effective cosmetics without harmful ingredients? Is that even possible? Yes, it is possible and it is important to us to produce exactly those products that are a perfect symbiosis of effectiveness and sustainability. We rely on as much naturalness as possible without rejecting high-quality scientific products.

More and more people are focusing on values ​​when it comes to consumption. The environment, nature, sustainability, all of that has come into focus. The term Clean Beauty covers products that no longer contain certain ingredients. However, it has not yet been specified what content is actually involved.

In principle, it can be stated that, above all, harmful and problematic contents no longer appear in clean beauty products. The price of beauty is no longer paid for in terms of health or overexploitation of the environment.

It is important to know that clean beauty does not mean that synthetic materials are completely avoided. It is therefore not our concern to suddenly demonize everything that has been researched over the years in favor of misconceptions. Our goal is to use studies to find out which ingredients are actually harmful and to no longer use them in our cosmetic lines.

Is clean beauty better for the skin?

The advantages of clean beauty are obvious. Through an analytical evaluation of individual ingredients, it is possible to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum number of active ingredients. Because very often the individual components of cosmetic products interact with each other. We use our expertise for this and focus on traditional healing knowledge.

It is very often the interaction of several ingredients that is responsible for a cosmetic product having a specific effect. The potentiation of the effect, the mutual reinforcement and the high effectiveness is what we take advantage of.

Numerous synthetic ingredients have been scientifically researched for decades and are completely harmless. We therefore do not necessarily avoid these substances in order to create a supposedly natural product. We prefer to use well-founded studies to select which substances are suitable for your skin and which ones you should avoid.

The Clean Beauty ingredients are carefully selected, put together in a minimalist way and combined with each other in a sustainable way. Because we do not rely on a short-term beauty effect that you will pay for in ten years with the condition of your skin. It is important to us that you can keep your radiant complexion and your natural beauty for many years and care for it with our cosmetic lines.

What is natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are made from purely nature-identical and natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are not included, but the term natural cosmetics is not protected. Numerous products, the ingredients of which are partly synthetic, are nevertheless declared as natural cosmetics. Only if natural cosmetics have been certified are they products whose contents are purely natural. However, organic quality is not mandatory. Thus, when purchasing certified natural cosmetics, you are not on the safe side that you are actually buying organic products.

Why use Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is a trend word and by no means all of the products on offer are really "clean" in the sense of what consumers want. Numerous cosmetic chains award the designation "Clean Beauty" to products that do not contain any synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates or silicones. But it is not just these ingredients, which are generally known to be negative, that have no place in a good cosmetic product.

We always recommend all our customers to check the ingredients of their cosmetics by hand and not to rely on apparent declarations. Terms such as clean beauty are used as buzzwords and advertising measures to sell certain product groups better.

This process is known as "greenwashing". Terms such as green beauty, clean beauty or "natural" are used to fool customers into believing that they are doing something good for their skin by buying a certain product. You buy a new cream, new cosmetics or a new care series with the good feeling of now doing without anything harmful. The need for pure cosmetics is great, the need for sustainable and effective care even greater.

What Clean Beauty means to us

Natural beauty, pure beauty. Terms that often "sweet" more than they actually embellish. We at Feuerstein deal with the development of our cosmetic lines day in and day out. We rely on four pillars to create an optimal product made for your beauty.

  • We see beauty as a holistic aspect
  • We rely on precise recipes
  • We combine naturalness with quality
  • We push biotechnological combinations of active ingredients

For us, beauty is something that cannot be created by a single cream. Beauty is created inside the body, which is why we take you away from everyday stress with our products. Our wellness products give you peace, rest and relaxation, everything you need in a fast-moving time like this.

Few ingredients, maximum effect – we design our recipes according to this principle. We don't want to burden you with unnecessary substances, but only use those products that we can really represent from a scientific point of view and based on studies and that we would also use ourselves.

We don't need any harmful ingredients to make quality products for your beauty. But we don't need grandiose advertising slogans and designations behind which nothing is hidden but empty advertising. We do without harmful ingredients and supplement them with acceptable counterparts, which in many cases are of natural origin and have a significantly better effect.

Think of a large company where everyone works hand in hand. This is how our cosmetics work. We combine the best from all areas and in this way ensure that our cosmetic lines have the maximum effect without stressing your skin. Only by combining scientific knowledge and natural ingredients can we bring products to market that are sustainable and effective at the same time.

Because we care about you

With our product lines, it is important to us to stop the merry-go-round of everyday life for a moment. We would like to take you into a world of relaxation, tranquility and sustainability. All of our products are produced in Switzerland so that we can still offer you this relaxing environment and nature ten years from now. Because we rely on washing our cosmetics lines not just with a label, but with the content.

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