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Gentle facial care with natural cosmetics in 6 steps

Flint facial care

Facial care is one of the most important parts of body care and requires some care. Most people have to struggle with oily, dry or impure skin from time to time and it is not always clear where the causes actually come from.

Optimized facial care from natural cosmetics not only eliminates skin impurities, but also slows down the signs of skin aging. However, in order to be able to buy the right natural cosmetics at all, you need a little background knowledge about your own skin type.

Fortunately, natural cosmetics are just as suitable for sensitive skin as they are for oily or normal skin. No harmful ingredients, no microplastics and, in most cases, produced vegan, natural cosmetic products ensure optimal skin care and thus a radiant complexion.

1. Cleaning

The first and most important step in facial care is cleansing. Only when the skin has been cleansed down to the pores is it able to absorb the valuable skin care ingredients. The human skin on the face consists of numerous sebaceous glands. The sebum produced protects the skin from drying out. However, fat is very stubborn and can hardly be removed with water. Incorrect cleaning techniques allow fat and sebum to get into the open pores and lead to blackheads and other skin impurities.

For this reason, it is advisable to use a special cleaning product from natural cosmetics. There is a wide variety to choose from, starting with a micellar cleansing water and a facial oil to a classic cleansing milk.

The Cleansing Milk by Feuerstein consists of a high-quality mix of lemon balm, lady's mantle, apple mint and linden blossom. The natural composition ensures optimal removal of deposits, dirt and grease without drying out the skin.

2. Exfoliation

Dead skin cells cannot always be removed directly with facial cleansing. In this case, a peeling is the solution, because it not only stimulates the blood circulation in the facial skin, but also removes stubborn dirt. You notice the effect immediately. The skin appears smooth and soft, the complexion radiant and young.

The peeling optimally prepares the skin for the natural cosmetics that will be used afterwards. However, make sure that you only exfoliate twice a week at most, as a small part of the protective horny layer is removed.

Sensitive and impure skin is predestined for a peeling, but conventional peelings often contain microplastics that cannot be broken down. That is why we strongly recommend a gentle variant for skin and the environment from natural cosmetics. There are high-quality Swiss natural cosmetics that do not contain any harmful ingredients and are therefore ideal for every skin type.

It is very suitable Face & Body Scrub by Feuerstein, which not only ensures smooth and well-groomed skin with its invigorating mix of apple mint and apricot kernels, but also stimulates cell renewal.

Feuerstein Face & Body Scrub

3. Toning

The skin is toned with a cleansing and caring facial tonic and is an important step in facial care. A tonic has many beneficial properties, including:

• An invigorating effect on facial skin
• Removal of make-up residues and skin particles
• Optimization of the complexion
• Moisturizing properties for optimal nutrient supply
• Reduction of redness and feelings of tightness

Toning is the pinnacle of facial care for every skin type, because this is where the beauty of your skin really shines. Toning liquids are equally suitable for facial care for women and men.

We rely on the Feuerstein Facial Tonic , which consists of a valuable mix of lime blossom, edelweiss, chamomile and lemon balm. Flawless skin, free from dirt and adhesions is the perfect basis for further care. The tonic cares for the skin and mattifies it in the long term. Sensitive skin is not further irritated by the natural ingredients, but soothed. The contained chamomile soothes the skin. Marigold (Calendula) helps to heal skin injuries and wounds by promoting cell renewal and protecting the wound from inflammation and bacterial attack. It also moisturizes and promotes skin regeneration – in a very gentle way.

4. Hyaluronic Serum

After preparing the skin, it is time for intensive care. A hyaluron serum impresses with its light texture and is literally absorbed by the optimally prepared facial skin. The tiny care molecules on a natural basis are significantly smaller than in a classic cream. This allows the skin to absorb them much better.

A serum does not replace the day and night care via cream, but supplements it. With dry skin, the moisturizing properties of the face cream are of great importance. Only very oily skin can also benefit from the sole use of a serum, since the skin itself donates enough fat.

The Hyaluron Serum should always be applied after cleansing, but before using a skin cream. If the pores are clean and open, the valuable ingredients can penetrate directly into the skin. If cream is applied beforehand, the serum can no longer penetrate the skin.

We recommend the hyaluronic acid facial serum from Feuerstein, which uses natural vitamins to ensure a clear, radiant complexion. The moisture binding of the skin cells is supported, at the same time the moisture stores are nourished and optimally prepared for the subsequent care with a natural cream. Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory effect, redness and pigment spots are visibly reduced and impurities or pimples heal faster. Sweetbell bulb extract slows down skin aging, increases the skin's natural defences, smoothes it and reduces wrinkles.

5. Vitamin C face cream

Every day, the skin is exposed to adversities and environmental conditions that can take a toll on it. In order to protect itself against this, the skin needs vitamin C. This natural substance increases the natural protective barrier, similar to the body's own defense system.

With the ideal cream, you can take care of your skin during the day and give it the help it needs to regenerate at night. For a fresh complexion, the skin needs moisture and protection from external influences. A light UV protection in the day cream can protect against premature skin aging. Hyaluronic acid helps mature skin to bind moisture.

We recommend the Facial Cream Vitamin C from Feuerstein, which ensures a well-groomed complexion with a high vitamin C content and valuable active ingredients from lime blossom and edelweiss. Vitamin C not only ensures a smooth complexion, but also promotes the formation of collagen and ensures the fading of pigment spots. The cream can be used as a day and regeneration cream or as a cure.

6. Lip care

Despite all efforts in facial care, the lips are one of the most frequently forgotten parts of the body. They need a lot of care, especially in winter, as otherwise there can be a cracked surface and painful skin inflammation, since the skin of the lips themselves has no sebum glands and therefore dries out quickly. Use lip balms with vegetable waxes and oils and care for your lips regularly. The ideal lip care protects your skin and gives your lips back their elasticity and a full, healthy appearance.

Our recommendation is the nourishing lip balm from Feuerstein, which is made from high-quality beeswax and vegetable oils. It provides long-lasting care and ensures that the lips do not lose their natural moisture. The balm contains a formula rich in vitamins which, thanks to active ingredients such as linden blossom and honey, quickly makes rough lips velvety soft again and effectively protects them.

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