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The many advantages of a natural soap!

Soap? Wasn't that that solid chunk that grandmother used and which actually went out of fashion a long time ago? Many good old traditions will come back and solid soap is one of the trends of today. In numerous fragrances and with high-quality properties, they not only ensure optimal care, but are also sustainable and extremely economical!

What is a natural soap?

There is a big difference between soap and natural soap. While soaps are made on the basis of industrial substances and sometimes even contain harmful components such as microplastics, natural soaps are free of them and made on a natural basis. They combine nature's best active ingredients in one bar of soap and thus ensure the best possible care.

The tradition of natural soap goes back longer than we think. Even the ancient Romans used homemade natural soaps for personal hygiene. For a long time, the classic soap was forgotten, natural soap was only available in special organic markets, if at all. This is different today, because the growing demand increases availability.

We at Feuerstein also use our Natural Shower Soap on the power of nature. Our handmade bar of soap has a net weight of 100 grams and consists exclusively of natural raw materials. It is ideal for use with acne, but also suitable for daily cleansing of the body, hands and face.

With its gentle scent of lemon balm and wild rose, our natural soap unfolds a wonderful aroma when used and forms an incomparably creamy foam. The valuable and soothing healing earth ensures pore-deep cleansing of your skin. The main active ingredients in our product are olive oil, healing clay, coconut oil and moisturizing shea butter!

Are natural soaps better?

Numerous classic shampoos, soaps and shower gels contain ingredients that can have a damaging effect on the skin barrier. This has been proven in tests by Ökotest, among others. If you suffer from sensitive skin or would like to rely on natural cosmetics, natural soaps are the best choice for you. These consist of natural ingredients, which often come from organic farming. With a natural soap you not only flatter your skin and ensure pore-deep cleanliness, but also support nature at the same time.

The advantages of a natural soap

Not only in terms of skin care, but also in the area of ​​animal welfare, it is valuable if you rely on natural soap. We at Feuerstein produce our natural soap completely vegan. You can use the healing earth soap for acne and blemished skin, but also for normal or sensitive skin.

There are soaps without chemicals not only for the skin, but also for the hair. The trend is clearly towards hair soap, a solid washing bar for the hair that produces foam when it comes into contact with water. You will soon find a high-quality hair soap on offer at Feuerstein. These products can be used ecologically and sensibly more sustainably and productively. If you like to get creative, you can also make hair soaps yourself. If, on the other hand, you rely on expertise, you are welcome to use our offer. With our soap production from Switzerland, we offer you high-quality luxury cosmetics that spoil you just as you deserve.

The advantages of natural soap at a glance:

  • Natural soap is less aggressive and does not dry out the skin. It provides a moisturizing protective coat and is ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.
  • Natural soap is easy to transport and is the ideal travel companion. It takes up little space and can even be used on the go.
  • Natural soap is a real all-rounder. They are not only available for washing hands, but also for body care, as shampoo or for sensitive faces.
  • Natural soap does not need any environmentally harmful packaging material and is therefore sustainable and ecologically valuable.
  • Natural soap contains no preservatives and is free of chemical additives and harmful ingredients. The skin barrier is protected in a natural way.
  • Natural soap is sustainable and much more economical than liquid soap and other cleaning agents.

Making soap yourself – a sensible trend?

How complicated is the production of a natural soap actually? Is making soap yourself really fun? Questions upon questions about one of the most exciting topics in the bathroom! The answer right away: You can easily make your own soap and thus have wonderful souvenirs for your friends at their next birthday. The art of soap making is not as complex as is often assumed. Since you rely on pure natural materials in production and chemical additives can be avoided, you are welcome to experiment in your own private soap laboratory without hesitation.

Exciting soap recipes for domestic soap production

Would you like to create a unique gift or just feel like a little creativity? Then you can easily make your natural soap yourself. Traditional soap making uses lye, but this substance is simply too dangerous to use at home. We have a wonderful recipe for you, with which you can make wonderfully scented natural soaps and give them to your loved ones without any risks and complicated steps.

You will need these ingredients:

  • Natural, essential oils in the desired fragrance
  • 100 g soap flakes (raw soap)
  • Two bowls to create a water bath

How to make your own soap:

  1. Make a double boiler and melt the soap flakes over it.
  2. Use the desired essential oil to give the soap the scent you want. You can also give your wash item a special look with fresh herbs, food coloring, dried flowers and other natural ingredients. Simply add the desired ingredients to the melted soap in the bowl.
  3. Now pour the well-mixed raw mixture into a heat-resistant container or into soap molds. Tip: silicone baking molds or silicone ice cube molds are very suitable for pouring natural soap.
  4. Allow the soap to set and then remove the mold. Give the soap at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours, to harden completely. Now wrap a decorative bow around it and your natural soap is ready.

Whether from our soap production or your own personal production at home: natural soap is a new trend that is spreading more and more through households. Your skin will thank you, because natural soap cares gently.

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